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Marvel fan aspires to play Miles Morales in MCU, hopes short fan-film will help

Actor, producer and writer Imari Milsap talks about his fan film and explains why he believes he'd make a good Miles Morales in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Miles Morales has upheld an omnipresent statute of heroics within the Marvel Universe since appearing in the 2011 epic “Ultimate Fallout no. 4.”

As one of the more notable characters to take on the mantle of our favorite web-headed hero, Spider-Man, Miles has influenced countless fans over the last decade.

One such fan is actor, producer and writer Imari Milsap, who’s working on a short fan film about the character. Milsap stars as Miles, wrote the films script and produced it as well.

“The movie is about Miles Morales going through the stage of becoming Spider-Man,” Milsap told the Daily Planet. “Miles deals with his depression, anxiety and guilt, thinking that it’s his fault Peter [Parker] died.”

According to 18 year old Milsap, the only person who helps Miles emotionally is his best friend Ganke Lee, played by Jacob Bengson.

“Ganke tries his best to help Miles deal with his depression,” he explained.

Besides his battle with mental health, Miles also faces his first real combatant in The Scorpion, played by wrestler Blake Troop.

“The Scorpion is a drug dealer trying to step up his superhuman drugs,” Milsap devulged. “Scorpion doesn’t care who gets in his way, he’ll kill anyone trying to get in the way of his money and power.”

Miles struggles with all of this while also being faced with the surmounting pressure of being the next Spider-Man, New York’s favorite hero.

“At the end, Miles realizes that he needs to do this and now sees himself as the new friendly neighborhood Spider-Man,” Milsap said.

According to Milsap, the film will be approximately 15 minutes long and should be completed by the end of next month.

When asked whether he feels a certain amount of pressure in bringing an iconic character, such as Miles, to life, Milsap said the following:

“Yes and no,” he admitted. “The reason ‘yes’ is because those are big shoes to fill for one person. People have been look- ing up to me for a while and sometimes it’s a bit stressful. The reason ‘no’ is because I feel like I can own up to that respon- sibility and do my best to represent the character well.”

Milsap stated that he’s been thinking about producing this film since middle school.

“My goal is to be Miles Morales for the [Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)] and I want this film to show that I can portray a good Miles for the MCU,” he said. “I always wanted to make a Spider-Man film and I thought this was a great opportunity to try.”

According to Milsap, the film has a diverse cast and he believes the audience will love them.

“I made sure not to just get random people the cast I’ve chosen will take their role seriously and get the job done,” he stated.

Milsap hopes the fan-film will garner attention from executives at Disney.

“I’m just a guy who doesn’t like to give up easily,” he reiterated. “I always try to go the extra mile for anything I do. Being cast in the MCU would be everything to me.”

The film will be called “Spider- Man: Miles From Home.” Follow the development on Milsap’s Instagram @imarimilsap2017.

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