‘Superman and Lois:’ episode 1×08 — The importance of ‘holding the wrench’

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It looks like Tuesday is the most anticipated day of the week because of “Superman and Lois.” To say this show is the best of the best is an understatement. 

Superman and Lois is indeed one of the best the Superhero genre has to offer with it’s well written, and well acted, characters. This week’s episode just further solidifies that statement.

Spoilers Ahead

“Holding the Wrench,” directed by Norma Bailey, is the most emotional episode by far.n this episode, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) discovers more about John Henry (Wolé Parks), and what Sam (Dylan Walsh) has been carrying out behind his back. 

Continuing the story from the previous two episodes “Broken Trust” and “Man of Steel,” we see the attempts of both Sam Lane and the Man of Steel to interrogate and learn more about the Stranger / John Henry Irons.

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We also get to see Clark’s reaction to his evil counterpart and how, in a weird way, he feels responsible for what happened in John’s world. We also find out that Lt. Rosetti (Hesham Hammoud) was in fact a “Kryptonian” working for Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) and the fight that ensued had a lot of nice references to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” 

Meanwhile, Lois meets with a therapist after losing her temper with someone dear to her, which was Jonathan (Jordan Elsass), and discovers that the grief of a past loss isn’t as buried as she thought. We learn that Lois experienced a heartbreaking miscarriage when Jonathan and Jordan were still young.

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This episode really succeeded in portraying the vulnerable side of a character who is rather strong and, in many iterations, fearless.I really loved how even Lois Lane, the greatest reporter on the planet, had sought therapy due to her being through a lot in life. It just illustrates the fact that even the best of us need someone to talk to and to have someone as a moral support. Just like Clark said in this episode, “It’s okay to ask for help”.

The show should be applauded for its attempt to address the effects of a miscarriage and how it’s a traumatic experience for the mother, and the family as a whole, should get help to cope with such experiences.

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Jonathan has been through a lot from the beginning of the show and this episode just made it worse. Jonathan had struggled to fit in after learning of his father and brother’s abilities but also learned a crucial, but dangerous lesson, in John Henry’s R.V. Jon Kent witnesses the news broadcast of John Henry’s earth’s Superman murdering Lois Lane and, almost being killed right after, proved to be a traumatic experience in its own. The fact that he and Lois were powerless to stop it really got to Jon and it was really heartbreaking to see his reaction when getting yelled at by Lois.

Meanwhile, Kyle (Erik Valdez) promises to help Sarah (Inde Navarrette) with an audition for a musical but fails to attend it as he is informed by Leslie Lar (Stacey Farber) that Lana (Emmanuelle Chriqui) had lied to him about the job opportunity. Jordan (Alex Garfin) steps in to help her when her father doesn’t show up.

DCHonestly words just can’t describe how great this show is. Fans of DC and superheroes in general, watch this show. It’s an absolute gem.

The most outstanding scenes were the scenes with Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lane and Jordan Elsass’s Jonathan Kent. Particularly the scene towards the end, when Lois reveals to Jon that  she experienced a miscarriage. All scenes with this duo were tearjerkers. Don’t take that statement lightly. It’s really hard to make me shed a tear a should be credited to the writers and actors. I can’t wait for the next episode.

“Superman and Lois” has established itself to be the best Superhero show, at least for me personally, and this episode is a testament to that.

One of the best episodes of the show by far.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sanjayan Karthikeyan

Sanjayan Karthikeyan has always loved super heroes and wants to become a comic book artist/writer. Over the years, he was introduced to Superman who went on to become an inspiration in his life. Superman was the reason he started writing, which has become one of his favorite activities. Karthikeyan just completed schooling and plans on pursuing a career in finance but also wants to pursue Journalism, a new passion of his.

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