DC Comics announces full casting for Netflix’s ‘The Sandman’

Another day, another set of Casting announcements for Netflix’s "The Sandman." On Wednesday DC Comics announced the cast of the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman" and the pronouns of the characters.

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Another day, another set of Casting announcements for Netflix’s Sandman. On Wednesday DC Comics announced the cast of the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” and the pronouns of the characters. Based on the classic adult comic, written by Neil Gaiman, the series is headlined by Tom Sturridge as Dream.

Running from 1989 to 1996, the revolutionary comic tells the story of the Lord of Dreams, Morpheus (aka Sandman and Dream). He’s joined in the magical take by his family members Death, Destruction, Destiny, Despair, Desire, and Delirium. 

As for the cast, it is pretty huge with Kirby Howell-Baptiste (she/her) as Death, Mason Alexander Park (they/them) as Desire, Donna Preston (she/her) as Despair, Razane Jammal (she/her) as Lyta Hall, Joely Richardson (she/her) as Ethel Cripps, Niamh Walsh (she/her) as Young Ethel Cripps, David Thewlis (he/him) as John Dee, Kyo Ra (she/her) as Rose Walker, Patton Oswalt (he/him) as the voice of Matthew the Raven, Stephen Fry (he/him) as Gilbert, Sandra James Young (she/her) as Unity Kincaid and Jenna Coleman (she/her) as Johanna Constantine, who is misunderstood to be a race and gender-bent John Constantine but in actuality, she is the Great-Great-Great grandmother of John who was created by Neil Gaiman as a tribute to Alan Moore, the creator of John Constantine. 

They join the previously announced Sandman cast members of Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne, Boyd Holbrook as the Corinthian, Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess, Asim Chaudhry as Abel, and Sanjeev Bhaskar as Cain.

“The Sandman” on Netflix will also be given a new modern-day setting, according to an interview Gaiman gave in 2020.

Gaiman is executive producing the Netflix series of “The Sandman.” There’s no release date yet, with filming delayed last year due to the pandemic.

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