woods covered with snow
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Snowfall of purity

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Snow is soft as cotton 
Tender as innocence 
It bears a sense of comfort
Yet feeling of dread
It’s just frozen water
Yet it’s full of empathy
Snow acts as a blanket of truth 
Many feel it buries the sorrow of life 
It showcases fears in all of us
Alas we seek refuge in the warmth of our homes
A place where connection becomes severed
Allies turn to rivals
Reflective of conflict
Why can’t life be soft and pure? 
Like snow descending from the sky 
During a blizzard where time ceases to remain

Brendan Rooney

Brendan Rooney has always been full of creativity and enthusiasm toward the world of widespread media. He is also a passionate comic book fan along with a die-hard sports pedigree. Brendan has written various articles covering all topics and dreams of forging a long-lasting legacy by bringing respect to the Rooney name as either a teacher, journalist, or whatever else the future holds. His work has been featured on Google, Quoted by Marvel Games, Reshared by Movie Trades, Broken exclusives, Spoke and presented at syndicated academic conferences as well.

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