DC Fandome: Tyler Hoechlin explains putting on the Superman suit for the first time

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During a Q&A for the “Superman and Lois” panel at DC Fandome, Superman actor Tyler Hoechlin explained what it was like to put on the Superman suit for the first time.

In the panel hosted by DC Comics Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee, the actor described putting on the suit for the first time as a surreal moment. Hoechlin debuted as Superman during the second season of “Supergirl.”

“I think putting it on and actually seeing it and realizing that this is just not for a day, we’re gonna shoot this, we’re gonna tell this story that involves this character, I don’t think that its sunk in and if it hasn’t by now, it probably never will, to some weird degree,” Hoechlin said.

The actor also noted how being the one wearing the suit, as opposed to seeing someone else in the suit, was a different experience.

Further into the segment, Hoechlin’s co-star and Lois Lane actress, Elizabeth Tulloch explained the reaction to the scene where Hoechlin’s Clark Kent ripped his shirt to reveal the iconic Superman “S.”

The scene was for the “Elseworlds” crossover event and it was at the Kent Farm in Smallville and it involved Barry Allen, (Grant Gustin) and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell).

“We couldn’t keep it together when you’re wearing a plaid shirt and when you rip it open and it’s the ‘S,’” Tulloch said. Hoechlin described the moment as being a funny day on set.

“That’s why I said when its different when you’re doing it as opposed to watching someone else do that or being in that because, when I do it there’s almost a moment of its been done before and you know what it means,” Hoechlin said. “So you’re like ‘Is the way I’m doing it weird? Does it look right?’”

Then, the actor recalled Gustin’s reacton off screen when doing the shirt ripping scene.

“I remembered Grant on that take,” Hoechlin said. “It was the push in and thank God the camera pushed in and it gone just into the ‘S’ when I ripped the shirt open. I just remembered Grant going {gasping sound} with this audible inhale.”

In the panel, it was also asked if there was going to be a new Superman suit. Showrunner Todd Helbing teased that a new suit was being made since the old suit was not built to sustain a series.

“So, there’s going to be a really badass Superman suit in the show that I’m pretty excited about,” said Helbing.

“Superman and Lois” will premiere on January 2021 on the CW Network. Viewers can view the entire panel here.

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