Tips for Constructing Earthquake-Proof Buildings

Tips for constructing earthquake-proof buildings

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When you work in the construction industry, a lot of responsibility lies on your shoulders. You must take great care in your work, as you’re building a shelter for people to live or work in. In that, it’s a necessity to keep in mind that we live on land that we can’t entirely rely on.

As such, the elements can shift and change at a moment’s notice. That’s why you need to know these tips for constructing earthquake-proof buildings.

Reinforce concrete

When an earthquake hits, it will send intense shock waves into a building. If that building is concrete, the earthquake will immediately break and crack the concrete, causing it to crumble. That can lead to the building collapsing, partially or completely. However, you can mitigate and avoid these disastrous outcomes by reinforcing your concrete with steel. The steel will strengthen the concrete by anchoring it into the foundation.

Aluminum framing

You might be wondering why aluminum framing systems help against earthquakes. The reason for this is that aluminum does a phenomenal job of providing structural and tensile strength while also being lightweight. Intense temperature changes don’t negatively affect aluminum, as it’s a strong metal. In fact, aluminum strengthens in harsh, colder weather. The most significant part is that aluminum is as lightweight as it is strong. That is beneficial during an earthquake, as the weight of the structure determines the effects of the seismic forces.

Shock absorbers

One of the best tips for constructing earthquake-proof buildings is to include as many shock absorbers as possible. A seismic damper is crucial as it will assist in dissipating the energy waves that an earthquake will emit throughout the environment and, inevitably, your building. A shock absorber will keep your building from directing those forces back into its foundation, which can weaken it considerably. It’s typical to include shock absorbers on each floor of your building.

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