What Should I Put in My Emails When Fundraising?

What should I put in my emails when fundraising?

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Fundraisers come in numerous forms, and each method reaches people differently to gain attention and donations. Email fundraising is a common technique.

However, when you send out those emails, it’s important to have the correct format and layout for the content to have the best chance of helping your cause.

Have a proper subject line

Subject lines are one of the most important parts of any email, so write a subject line that grabs people’s attention. Many spam emails will start the same: with an offer or spam words such as “Buy now” or “Special opportunity.”

Instead of using these phrases, create a short and direct subject line, under seven words, that informs the reader of your intent. Giving a sincere request for people to donate to your fundraiser will make people think about the email for longer as they consider helping your mission.

Give a personalized introduction

Personalizing messages will make people more interested in reading the entire email. A well-written and personable introduction is something you should always put in your fundraiser emails. These personalized beginnings will help people feel like they received a message from a human being instead of an automated message generated by a computer.

Fundraising often involves a personal element to connect with people you wish to help and who you want help from. Adding that personalized feeling to an email is just as important as receiving donations.

Give details about your fundraiser’s mission

Your fundraiser’s email is your chance to give information about your mission and what you intend to accomplish with this fundraiser. People respond best to facts and detailed information, making these elements essential to a fundraiser email.

You will want to explain the goals and milestones of your fundraiser and the effects donations will have on the cause. Statistics and analytics will help you gain online donations, as it’s more challenging to refute calculated data.

Always end with something to remember

Closing out your fundraiser email is important since it will leave the reader with an important message and potentially give them the push they need to donate. Ask them once more for their help. Summarize parts of the information given and how it will make a difference so readers walk away with thoughts of how they may help someone in need with their donation.

Your fundraiser emails are powerful messages. Making the best email to reach the most people is an important process to gain funds and assistance for your charity. So make sure you fill the email with your greatest content for the sake of your charity.

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