How To Properly Store Pigment Powder

How to properly store pigment powder

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Pigment powder is a staple material in the artmaking world, but it requires a specific kind of care when it’s being stored.

Frequent use of pigment powder requires careful maintenance and handling of the powder to preserve its quality. Continue reading to learn how to properly store pigment powder for maximum use.

Use glass jars

Glass jars are the best forms of storage for pigment powder because the powder won’t stain them as it would plastic containers. It’s best to empty new bags of pigment powder into your glass jars with a funnel directly after purchase.

Use sealed lids

The most important safety measures to know in how to properly store pigment powder are the lids you use to secure the jars. Ensure that your jars have functioning lids that are also easy for you to open. The lids should seal the jar enough to preserve the powder’s quality but still be easy enough to open without the risk of spilling the pigment powder.

Keep in a dry place

Pigment powder is best kept in a cool, dry environment. Keep your pigment powder at an appropriate temperature and in a location free of excess moisture to maintain its potency in color and texture. It’s important to avoid altering the properties of pigment powder; otherwise, it may lose its ability to be easily applied to various surfaces.

Isolate from chemicals

Among other important facts to know about pigment powder, you must also keep in mind that it can be reactive. Store your pigment powders at an appropriate distance from each other to avoid cross contamination when you open them. If you regularly use other chemicals for your projects, keep them in an entirely separate room from your powders to avoid airborne contamination between the substances.

Properly storing your pigment powder contributes to the quality of the projects for which you’re using it. It’s important to remember and routinely practice safe handling of your pigment powders to avoid unwanted contaminations, spills, or loss of quality.

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