Commercial Roofing: Reasons To Ditch Your Pitched Roof

Commercial roofing: Reasons to ditch your pitched roof

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Finding the perfect commercial roofing system is no easy task –different people prefer different roofing types. It’s hard to know which is the best.

Read on to learn why you should ditch your pitched roof in favor of a flat roofing system.

Easier maintenance procedures

Performing maintenance and repair services on a pitched roofing system is not a simple process. Due to the slanted surface, certain safety precautions are required that both drive up the costs of maintenance and time spent conducting repairs. Additionally, you have limited maneuverability on pitched roofing systems, further delaying simple maintenance procedures. While flat roofs have common issues and often require more frequent upkeep, they’re easier to work around, and repairs usually cost much less than for pitched roofing systems.

Better savings overall

Pitched roofing systems may require less servicing compared to other roof types, but the overall costs of purchasing, installing, and maintaining pitched roofs are significantly higher. As you’ve probably noticed, pitched roofing systems are typically found on residential homes or small businesses – this is because the cost of buying and implementing pitched roofs onto large-scale commercial buildings is more expensive than opting for other solutions, such as a flat roof. Since the slanted roof requires more safety precautions to conduct installations and repairs, you’ll spend more money overall using a pitched roofing system than you would with other options.

Protects your building’s foundation

Pitched roofing systems are very heavy, especially compared to other roofing solutions. This added weight is manageable for some buildings, such as residential homes or one-floor businesses. However, larger buildings with multiple floors often can’t support pitched roofs simply because those roofs damages the property’s foundation. To ensure this doesn’t happen, you need to install deeper footings, which complicates the installation process and drives up costs.

The best commercial roofing systems should benefit your business and not add extra stress. These are just a few of the reasons to ditch your pitched roof in favor of a flat solution, so consider consulting a roofing company to find the best system for you!

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