Bucket List Activities To Try Before 2023

Bucket list activities to try before 2023

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It might seem crazy, but 2022 is almost over! While a lot has happened this past year, it’s never too late to take action and do something you’ve never done before.

Is there an activity or accomplishment you’ve always wanted to do but never felt like you have the time or resources? Don’t wait till the new year to set your resolutions—here are three major bucket list activities to try before 2023.

Start your own business

Thanks to our digital world, creating a business of your very own has never been easier. These days, even teenagers can start thriving businesses from the comfort of their own bedrooms. The best way to determine what your business should look like is by revolving it around one of your passions—jewelry making, headshot photography, beer brewing, and working out are all great hobbies that can work as viable careers.

To start your own business, create a comprehensive business plan that details what you plan to sell or offer, how you’ll deliver those goods and services, and figure out the costs of operations and necessary resources. If that all seems like too much and your business idea is simpler, such as selling handmade goods, consider using an online marketplace like Etsy and Depop to start your brand.

Travel somewhere unique

As the weather begins to cool across most of the United States, many individuals and families are planning their next vacation. But instead of lounging by the pool at a resort or visiting the same old destination, why not find something more adventurous and unique?

Rugged vacationing might not sound relaxing, but the experience and memories are worth the investment. Various countries throughout Africa and Asia are often overlooked by American tourists, but these places have countless hidden gems for you to explore. There is no limit to the adventurous places you can visit, so start planning now!

Get healthier

Getting healthier is a very common new year’s resolution; in fact, gyms are statistically most full during the first few months of the year. But “getting healthy” doesn’t simply mean losing weight and working out. Instead, focus during these last few months on improving any aspect of your life that is lagging.

For instance, this can include trying a new eating lifestyle (such as vegetarianism or keto), committing to improving your mental health through therapy and meditation, or trying to be more social and confident when in public. All of these factors contribute to a healthier life, and there are no reasons to wait until January 1st to start accomplishing these goals.

Consider these bucket list activities before 2023 to enter the new year happy and healthy! You don’t have to aim so high, either – simply accomplishing something unfamiliar is rewarding itself, so start looking for new adventures before the year is over.

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