Qualities To Look For in an Outdoor Trash Can

Qualities to look for in an outdoor trash can

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Some business owners and organizations don’t put much thought into choosing garbage and other waste receptacles for their buildings, let alone their outdoor trash can options.

However, it’s important to select the outdoor waste receptacles that will be most effective for your building or area. Otherwise you risk wasting your money. Before you make your choice, learn the qualities to look for in outdoor trash cans.

Bin size

Your outdoor trash cans will hold all the trash bags that accumulate throughout the week before collection day. This means you’ll want to aim for a larger-sized trash can to hold more. Even if your indoor trash cans are on the smaller side, you can always empty them into larger outdoor bins throughout the week. If your business goes through lots of trash bags each week, look for an outdoor garbage bin with a larger capacity.

Material choice

You might not realize it, but the material of your garbage can is also a crucial factor, especially when choosing outdoor garbage cans. Some materials are more durable and better suited to outdoor conditions than others. For example, stainless steel garbage cans are ideal for outdoor weather and other conditions. The durable metal material helps them resist dents and scratches while the finish protects against rust, corrosion, and more. Aluminum trash cans also make suitable choices for outdoor use. You can also consider plastic cans, which are rust and corrosion resistant but may not be as durable.

Aesthetic style

Finally, once you have the more functional choices out of the way, you should also consider the style and overall design of your outdoor garbage cans. Depending on their location, your outdoor garbage cans will be visible to people passing by or entering your building or store, so it’s important that they look presentable and fit your space. This is especially true for municipal park garbage cans or community waste receptacles. Try to match garbage cans to the aesthetics of their surroundings. For example, garbage cans come in various colors, so you could choose ones that match your brand’s logo.

Now that you know the importance of choosing the right outdoor garbage cans and what to look for, you’re all set to invest in the proper waste receptacles for your business.

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