5 Unique Uses for Expired Milk You Should Try

5 unique uses for expired milk you should try

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Products you ingest should typically be used when fresh to make your finished dishes taste and look better. Sometimes, these items stay in your fridge longer than expected—perhaps you don’t have anything to use them for or simply forgot about them.

Some fresh products have an afterlife, and you can use them for things other than cooking or eating those products. These five unique uses for expired milk will give you various alternatives to create other items you already know but with a different method.

Homemade cheese

Spoiled milk is one of the ingredients to create cheese, and you can do this from the comfort of your home. You can use different recipes to make different cheeses that will use some of the products you already have and save you a trip to the store. Some cheeses are stronger than others, and spoiled milk lets you control how flavorful the cheese is, depending on your preference.

Milk your plants

Milk is an amazing source of calcium and nutrients that your plants can take advantage of even when the milk is past its expiration date. Pour the products into the soil around the plants as you do with water and let it soak in. This technique is ideal for smaller plants because they will greatly benefit from the nutrients which serve as fertilizer.

Bathing soaps

Drinking spoiled milk could be very dangerous for your health because of the bacteria that causes it to spoil. This is one of the reasons why you should pay attention to expiration dates and consider them when cooking. A good alternative for milk is to create bathing soaps that leave your skin soft and glowing. Keep in mind that the process requires the use of chemicals, so you need to be careful when handling these.

Animal food

Animals have enzymes in their stomachs that allow them to eat natural raw products and spoiled milk. A great way to use expired milk is by mixing it with traditional pet food to provide calcium and soften some of the hard cookies. This mix will keep your pets strong and healthy and has a flavor they will truly appreciate and enjoy.

Hair conditioner

Expired milk makes a great conditioner for your hair that only takes a few seconds to leave it shiny and strong. You can mix a little with your shampoo to gather a stronger consistency and wash your hair as you normally would. A small amount of expired milk will go a long way, and you don’t have to deal with the smell or consistency when you are in the shower.

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