How Batting Cages Can Make You a Better Hitter

How batting cages can make you a better hitter

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When you were younger and went to the batting cages for a friend’s birthday party, your sole focus was having fun.

You likely never thought about why hitting in a batting cage helps baseball players. Now as you’re a bit older and more mature, you should recognize how batting cages can make you a better hitter and use it to your advantage.

Practice under any circumstances

Unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have the advantage of playing baseball year-round. Once the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, swinging a baseball bat is the furthest thing from our minds. Hitting a ball on the handle of your bat will send a shock up your arms as nothing has before. Because of the changing seasons, indoor batting help keep your swing sharp and avoid that off-season lull. It may not be as good as facing live pitching, but it keeps your game on point.

Learn to hit the ball to the opposite field

One thing that makes a good hitter become great is learning how to hit the ball in all fields. When the situation calls for a groundball to the right side to advance the runner, it’s imperative that you can push it to the opposite field, assuming you’re a right-handed batter.

Usually, batting cages have targets that also serve as a backstop or background to shield them from the force of swung balls. Because of this, hitters get a rare chance to master where they land their hits so that they will most effectively help their team in actual game scenarios.

Boost your power

Most hitters don’t appreciate the importance of hitting the ball in all directions, especially in the “home run or nothing” era the game is going. Therefore, spending ample time in the batting cages can turn you into the power hitter you always wanted to become.

Swinging with all your might in a cage can help develop your power swing. Additionally, it allows you to break in a new bat before the seasons begin, so you know what to expect when you take a cut and drive the ball.

Develop muscle memory

Lastly, a batting cage is beneficial because it’s continuous, which helps your body develop the muscle memory of a quality swing. Plus, you don’t need to fetch the balls after hitting them. Strictly focusing on your swing and harnessing all your energy to develop a prodigious, superb stroke will put you at a noticeable advantage once your new season begins.

Understanding how batting cages can make you a better hitter should motivate you to find one near you and take some swings. Ensuring that the time off doesn’t cause your swing to disappear will make you feel confident the first time you step into the batter’s box.

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