Tips for Starting Your Own Commercial Mowing Business

Tips for starting your own commercial mowing business

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Lawn care, for many homeowners, is a relaxing and rewarding activity. For some, it’s actually a viable source of income! There are many residential lawn care companies out there that are successful, but the true money is in commercial applications.

The companies that maintain parks, school/business landscapes, and wilderness areas rake in more money annually compared to your neighborhood cutting team. If you’re interested in starting your own commercial mowing business, here are some tips to ensure you enter the industry seamlessly.

Stick to your price

Too often, new businesses fear a failed entrance into the market and, as such, make their prices very low to attract clients from other, more reputable companies. Seeing as there’s a lack of experience, this practice seems logical. However, there’s nothing worse than selling your services short, especially during the volatile first year.

And there’s a reason commercial mowing carries a far heftier price tag compared to residential lawn care – the process requires more specialized equipment and experience to mow complex properties effectively. Ultimately, the cost of your services should be enough to continually grow your company, so research what makes sense for you and stick to that price.

Buy the right equipment

What types of projects will your company undertake? Recreational parks? Schools or colleges? Overgrown wildlands? Or perhaps all three? Depending on your services, you may need commercial-grade equipment. A tow-behind rough-cut mower can cut vegetation up to three inches without requiring you to drive over the brush. It features thick-bar blades and often quite powerful engines.

However, this mower would not be effective for different projects, like a golf course. For golf courses, you need a finish-cut mower, which trims grass neatly and uniformly while removing grass clippings. This equipment isn’t cheap. Since there are multiple products suitable for various tasks, you must determine your capabilities and the gear you’ll need to satisfy customers.

Contracts are king

As with any company, repeat customers equates to superior success. In the world of commercial mowing, contracts are the name of the game. If your business has a steady deal with a good client, you’re more likely to make consistent income and grow your business.

So, when first starting, don’t fall into the trap of taking too many jobs. This way, you can ensure your existing clients build a relationship with your business since your focus is solely on them. As you build success, seek out long-term contracts with large organizations. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your business reputation increases within the industry.

If you’re starting your own business, consider a career in commercial mowing. It’s the perfect opportunity for an outdoor-loving, entrepreneurially-spirited individual looking to make a serious income. Remember that, as with any business, you need a solid business plan to complete any of the above-listed tips.

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