The Top ATV Upgrades for Speed and Power

The top ATV upgrades for speed and power

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Some people enjoy riding slow ATVs. If you’re here, you aren’t one of those people. You probably enjoy riding at thrilling speeds and watching the scenery flash by as you race across the terrain.

If you feel that your ATV needs a bit of a boost, check out these popular ATV upgrades for speed and power.

High-Octane Fuel

If you want to get some extra speed and power out of your ATV without any modifications, you should switch to high-octane fuel. While this fuel will cost a little more than ethanol-based fuels, it’ll burn cleaner because it has fewer additives. This means that high-octane fuel reduces wear and tear on your vehicle and gives you a nice boost in speed.

Clutch Kit

A clutch kit provides plenty of benefits for your vehicle, including increased speed. There are a few signs that will tell you when you should install an ATV or UTV clutch kit, and slow acceleration is one of them. To cut down your ATV’s acceleration time, get a clutch kit, and see the difference yourself.

Air Filter

When your ATV’s air filter fills with dirt and debris, your engine can’t run efficiently. However, with a new, clean filter, air can flow smoothly into your engine, allowing it to function and perform its best. More air in your engine means that you’ll have more power and speed, so check your air filter regularly.

Nitrous Kit

Another top ATV upgrade that you need for speed and power is a nitrous kit. Nitrous kits are easy to install on your own, and they give you an awesome increase in speed. You can choose from wet or dry nitrous kits, and you’ll find plenty of options out there. The key is to pick a setup that you feel safe with and can install correctly.

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