The Earth-16 Comics Podcast 46: Star Wars Comics Beilert Valance

In this first episode of the new year, I give my commentary of the Marvel’s Star Wars Comic character Beilert Valance, the ex Imperial TIE Fighter and Stormtrooper turned ruthless cyborg bounty hunter.

I dissect the character of Valance from his childhood, his days as an Imperial Cadet rivaling a young Han Solo, and his career as a cyborg bounty hunter! I also talk about the behind the scenes origin of Valance!

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Brian of Earth 16

Brian of Earth-16 is a podcaster for the Earth-16 Comics Writer and a contributing writer/journalist for the Daily Planet. You can also hear Brian on the DC Comics Geeks Nation podcast. When not writing, Brian enjoys going to the world of comic books, TV shows, video games, and pro-wrestling. He also loves listening to other podcasts and having a philosophical conversation.

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