3 Famous Animal Statues You Can See Across America

3 famous animal statues you can see across America

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Anyone in the United States who enjoys the fascinating nuances of sculptural artwork can see some stunning views right in their backyard.

The US features some incredible animal sculptures that are practically mandatory viewing for people who love the medium. Continue reading to discover three famous animal statues you can see across America.

The Tigers of Princeton, New Jersey

The bronze tigers, two of the most beloved artworks in the entire state, debuted in the late 1800s and have guarded Nassau Hall since 1911. They’re the work of Alexander Phimister Proctor, who had a fascination with wildlife and based his designs on the circus animals he followed for some time. Today, you can climb the statues to get a birds-eye perspective of the front campus and FitzRandolph Gate, a wrought-iron structure that serves as the main entrance to the university.

Photo by Sam valadi

Wall Street Bull in NYC

If you’ve seen any New York City-set film or television show in the previous thirty years, you’ve undoubtedly seen this beautiful and fearsome Bull poised to pounce atop Wall Street. The Wall Street Bull had a fascinating history before becoming one of America’s and New York City’s iconic landmarks. It began as a symbol of optimism following the 1987 stock market crash. When you’re in its presence, you can truly appreciate the magnificent intricacies and comprehend the enormity of the sculpture.

Photo by Reinhard Link

Fala in Washington, DC

Fala was an adorable tiny Scottish Terrier given to former President Franklin Roosevelt as a Christmas gift in 1940 and was privy to all sorts of drama taking place in the White House. The pooch so endeared itself to the Roosevelt clan and the American popular that a statue honoring the dog sits beside FDR at his memorial in Washington, DC. While it’s not the most prominent sculpture you’ll ever see, it’s still a remarkable monument for dog lovers everywhere to enjoy.

You should keep these three famous animal statues you can see across America in mind the next time you’re planning a vacation. If you get the chance to see any or all of them in person, you won’t regret taking the opportunity to do so.

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