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Self Aware


And one day it happened
The mirror welcomed me
With open arms
Offering her love
And I accept

Vulnerability was never
My strong suit
And now I am
Singing my life’s journey
At the top of my lungs

I do not apologize for announcing myself.

The past once knocked
On my door at 2AM

I comforted her until the sun
Came up
Tears dried and we said
Our goodbyes

We have a mutual understanding

3AM rolled around
And I was dreaming
Of the present,
The future,
And the endless opportunities
Before me

My younger self had dreams
About me
Maybe hoping that some day
I would understand

And I do.

Breathing in the air feels
Different somehow
It feels lighter,
Easier to take in

The world is no longer on
My shoulders
Water is no longer in
My lungs

I become part of the

Derived from start and planets.

The path I wander feels
Familiar and yet different

A photo without a filter

And I am forever changed

Kelli Bailey

Kelli is a writer, a mental health advocate and a creative soul looking to help make the world a more positive place. She loves people and making people feel good about themselves. Kelli has struggled with mental illness for over half of her life and has a passion for giving a voice to those who feel voiceless. She wants to create a space on social media and in society where mental illness is normalized and to create a safe space for people to communicate their own journeys without judgement.

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