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Potential in slumber

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A blank canvas stained
Ruby crescent blood 
A soul devoid of life shackled 
Fears of being empty 
Longing to realize purpose 
Treasuring elation of others 
Struggling to find placement
Clinging to memory 
Tears infecting
Oozing bile 
The darkness engulfing the artist 
Clean the slate let it go 
Start a new 
Sever every ribbon threaded in sorrow 
Cleanse your soul 
Step into the genesis of light 
Bask in potential 
Don’t reside in torment 
Humanity struggles to find purpose 
You long for a reason to exist 
Heart erodes from malice
Grows frail from deceit
Disguised as lies 
Understand being human is manageable
Anything manageable is mentionable 
Don’t give in 
This isn’t the end 
It’s only the beginning 
Time to start a new 
Being cleansed of sin 

Brendan Rooney

Brendan Rooney has always been full of creativity and enthusiasm toward the world of widespread media. He is also a passionate comic book fan along with a die-hard sports pedigree. Brendan has written various articles covering all topics and dreams of forging a long-lasting legacy by bringing respect to the Rooney name as either a teacher, journalist, or whatever else the future holds. His work has been featured on Google, Quoted by Marvel Games, Reshared by Movie Trades, Broken exclusives, Spoke and presented at syndicated academic conferences as well.

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