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Pi Kappa Alpha’s Final Chapter: UA Fraternity House loses recognition after unsettling event

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An underage woman was found half-naked and hyperventilating on the side of a fraternity house for 20 minutes. Pi Kappa Alpha is officially on the ropes against law enforcement.

One of the victim’s friends asked the UAPD to check on the welfare of the woman. The remainder of the students at the fraternity allegedly “attempted to manage the female subject’s hyperventilating for 20 minutes by giving her someone else’s prescription inhaler as a remedy to her state of intoxication, undress and duress.”

The officers questioned and reported the victim’s condition after the event. She said, “that once the drinking began, she did not remember much afterward.”

This, along with several other complaints filed against the fraternity, is the reason why the University of Arizona has decided to suspend the establishment until further notice.

Here is a full timeline of the event, and what it has done to Pi Kappa Alpha.

On March 11, there were reports that Alpha did not adhere to Covid-19 protocols, nor did they reason with the university’s guidelines. After this violation, the house proceeded to plan a party on the same day, starting at around 10:00 pm.

“On March 11, 2021, individual residents of Pi Kappa Alpha were instructed to adhere to COVID-19 protocols and guidance issued by the fraternity and University of Arizona. Rather than provide an exact number of residents who were present and who were not, PIKE does not wish to inadvertently provide an incorrect exact number of residents present at the fraternity that evening of March 11, 2021, into the early morning hours of March 12, 2021,” the full report constructed by Rosanna Curti — Assistant Dean, Student Assistance and Accountability — said.

This party concluded with seven police officers investigating a local disturbance — the woman in distress — while several PIKE members were disrupting the officers.

Around 30-50 people were at the event — some were invited by PIKE members, and others came along with their friends. Consequently, alcohol was also present at the party, which violates “Code of Conduct/15.”

“The provision of alcohol to minor students and the unmonitored use and consumption of alcohol in the chapter facility created an environment that was conducive to endangering university students many of whom were under the legal drinking age,” Curti says.

Later that evening, after an argument erupted out in their parking lot, PIKE sanctioned one of their members in the fraternity. After reviewing their code of conduct, they decided to suspend the student from the house.

For the rest of the semester, they would not be allowed to engage in any student activities affiliated with the fraternity.

“After hearing statements from the police, speaking to live-in members, and speaking to [redacted], PIKE formed the conclusion that [redacted] was responsible, thus deserving a suspension from chapter activities for the semester,” says the president of Pi Kappa Alpha. “Although it is deeply personal and private, [redacted] later told me that he was experiencing family issues back home had has had trouble dealing with that and his grades, thus deserving time away from the chapter to focus on himself, serve his suspension, and clear things up on his end. I hope he does so.”

The suspension of Pi Kappa Alpha was for several reasons: endangerment, failure to comply, possession of alcoholic beverages and violating state and federal law.

If you wish to read the full report, click here.

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