George Headley

Civil unrest transpires in South Africa, leaves over 200 dead

Photo taken from Twitter

Fires rage violently across the Marketplace. Many slip and fall on shards of glass from spilled milk, liquor, yogurt and cleaning liquids. You’ve never seen anything like this before. Your neighbors rush against the law enforcement as sounds of rubber bullets and tear gas whiz by you. Cries echo across the street. You’ve never seen anything like this before. Your neighbors lay lifeless on the pavement. 

The Navajo Nation — Murderous dogs and new delta variant plagues the reservation

Courtesy of the Navajo Nation

The Delta Variant is more transmittal and effective than the original variation. Luckily, fully vaccinated individuals are nearly immune to this variant, reports said.

A band-aid on a bullet wound — Arizona’s moderate progress with local wildfires

Gila Herald | The Mescal Fire and Telegraph Fire have both burned more than 30,000 acres each and have forced thousands of evacuations.

In the midst of five separate wildfires that have set 300,000 acres ablaze, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey proposed a $100 million fund to support and assist wildfire prevention. 75 percent of this fund will be used to fight fires, impede floods —​ which usually occur in the aftermath of a fire —​ and assist any citizen displaced by structural damage. The other 25 percent will reduce vegetation that could spread the fires.