Members of the National Guard gather at the US Capitol amid the political fallout of the January 6 riot [Erin Scott/Reuters]

State capitols see small and largely peaceful protests on Sunday amid heavy National Guard presence

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State capitol buildings across the nation braced for armed protests following a warning from the FBI that demonstrations could take place from Saturday until President-elect Biden’s inauguration on January 20.

While small groups of protesters, some armed, arrived at several state capitol buildings in Ohio, Texas, Oregon and Michigan, the gatherings were largely quiet on Sunday, according to journalists reporting from the statehouses across the US. Many states had fortified the statehouse buildings with National Guard troops in anticipation of potential violence.

Clark Kent

Clark Kent came to the city of Metropolis to study journalism at Metropolis University. After graduation, Clark took a job at the Daily Planet as a reporter. Under the direction of editor-in-chief Perry White, he quickly gained a reputation as a journalist who was unafraid to cover the injustices of the city, including its political corruption .

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