Ray Fisher as Cyborg in 2017's "Justice League." Photo curtesy DC Entertainment

Ray Fisher officially removed from ‘The Flash’ cast

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Ray Fisher confirmed that his character Cyborg is being removed from The Flash and details the ways he believes DC Films President Walter Hamada ’persisted in trying to minimize and dismiss the situation’ related to the investigation into conditions on the Justice League set

The Cyborg actor revealed that he officially received notice of his removal from Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming “The Flash” project. Fisher revealed in a tweet today that he strongly disagrees with the action but it comes as no surprise.

According to Fisher, Cyborg’s involvement in the film was much larger than previously thought and the reasoning behind this executive decision is simple, DC Films President Walter Hamada is trying to “undermine the Justice League investigation.”

Fisher stated his responsibilities during the investigations have alway been about protecting “those who were brave enough to lend their voice to the ‘Justice League’ investigation.” Fisher said he wants to use what little power he has left to ensure workplace behavior exhibited by officials during the Justice League reshoots of 2017 never happens again.

Fisher accused Director Joss Whedon of “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable” on set treatment of Justice League’s cast and crew members last year. Warner Bros. followed with a third party investigation into the allegations which resulted in “remedial actions.”

Fisher’s full statement

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