Here’s Why Ash’s Pikachu is Never Going to Evolve

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Pikachu has been the mascot of the Pokemon Franchise since the beginning. The Electric Mouse is not lacking in the popularity department.

Throughout the years Pikachu’s popularity has skyrocketed thanks to its trainer, Ash Ketchum, and its popularity continues to grow in “Pokemon Journeys.” A recent episode of “Pokemon Journeys” brought back fandom questions as to why Pikachu never evolves. The answer has finally been given to us.

The answer was given when the animated series gave a new character, Goh, a chance to own his very own Pikachu. The Kanto region native, Ash, expressed excitement to run into so many Pocket Monsters at a Pikachu Outbreak but Goh was not so excited.

The duo went to a festival that was littered with Thunderstones, the key item that allows Pikachu to evolve in Raichu. The festival made Goh ask why Ash’s Pikachu has not evolved into Raichu.

“My Pikachu wants to get stronger as a Pikachu. Sorry, that’s how it is. We don’t need a Thunderstone,”

Ash Ketchum

Pikachu’s evolution denial stems from its own personality. It has nothing to do with him hating Raichu. Pikachu wants to be the strongest it can be as a Pikachu.

Ash Ketchum Wins Aloha Pokemon League Championship title pikachu first orange islands moon and sun series japan
Ash and Pikachu during the Black and White Saga
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“It’s better to evolve only when you want to, Ash said to Pikachu in the latest episode of “Pokemon Journeys.”

His explanation is not surprising to “die-hard Pokemon Fans.” Pikachu has crossed paths with the chance at the evolution before.

Back in Season One titled “Pokemon the Series: The beginning” or “Pokemon: Indigo League,” Ash, and Pikachu battled for their third badge at the Vermillion Gym during their first journey together. Lt. Surge, the Vermillion City Gym Leader and his Raichu proved to be Pikachu’s toughest challenge yet.

After their defeat Nurse Joy offered Ash and Pikachu a Thunderstone due to Lt. Surge mentioning that he evolved his Raichu as soon as he got it. Pikachu then whacks the stone away from him, firming its stance on acquiring strength without the help of evolution. Pikachu proved it right because Ash has a badge from the Vermillion Gym.

File:TB014 3.jpg
Ash and The Thunder Stone
Photo Courtesy: Pokemon.fandom.com

Pikachu’s second cross path with a chance at evolution came in the Diamond and Pearl episode titled “Pika and Goliath.”

Ash and Pikachu met a trainer named Sho, who was the trainer to two members of the Pikachu evolutionary stages, Pichu and, you guessed it, Raichu. History repeated itself as Ash’s Pikachu was defeated by Sho’s Raichu and the evolution debate returned.

Pokémon" Pikachu! Raichu! The Path to Evolution!! (TV Episode 2008) - IMDb
Photo Courtesy: IMDB

Pikachu’s strength was challenged once again and, once again, it made the decision not to evolve, standing firm on its stance to win as Pikachu. by the way, it won, it beat Sho’s Raichu the way it knew how, strategy, smarts, and training.

Back to the present day Pokemon Journeys, Goh caught his own Pikachu and evolved it into a Raichu, so that way Pikachu will get to know its evolution a lot better.

The idea of evolving Pikachu 20 years later seems pointless. Over the years the electric mouse has scored some major victories against powerhouses, including several legendary Pokémon, most recently Ash’s Alola League Victory against Tapu Koko.

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