Stargirl will only return on The CW. Photo courtesy DC Universe
Stargirl will only return on The CW. Photo courtesy DC Universe

‘Stargirl’ renewed for season 2

Don’t you know stars shine twice as bright?

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Courtney Whitmore and the Justice Society of America (JSA) can rest easy tonight due to the fact that their future is secured. The hit series ‘Stargirl’ has been given a second season on The CW. The news was revealed late this afternoon by Deadline. 

One interesting thing to note is that the series will longer air on the subscription-based DC Universe. Stargirl will now air on the main network, The CW. The announcement can only mean that the premise of an Arrowverse crossover is now tangible or in the works. 

Stargirl — “The Justice Society” — Image Number: STG106d_0001b.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Brec Bassinger as Stargirl, Cameron Gellman as Hourman, Anjelika Washington as Dr. Mid-Nite and Yvette Monreal as Wildcat — Photo: The CW — © 2020 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

The very thought of Brec Bessinger as the lovable, yet stoic Courtney Whitmore lacing up her boots with the juggernauts of the shared universe is exciting. I can already smell the ratings along with the gears of creativity turning in the minds of the writers. The very thought of this becoming a reality is now extremely high. I ask the fans out there, can you imagine the likes of Grant Gustin taking on a mentor role? 

The concept of him passing the proverbial torch as the face of the arrowverse is interesting. It could be written comparably as a Tony Stark / Peter Parker type relationship from the MCU. Gustin could instill what he knows about the ins’ and out’s of being a TV superhero to Bessinger. I feel the reason Grant would work so well with Brec is due to the nature of how similar their shows truly are. 

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

The Flash is built on the foundation of the multiverse and the traversal of the various earth’s. It would only take a little story beat because the events of Stargirl take place on Earth-2 and The Flash (along with every other post-crisis superhero show on The CW) is on Earth-1 respectively. 

In addition to the crossover craziness I took it upon myself to do some research about the very thought. I discovered an article from IGN. The company explained the fruitful thoughts of Bessinger and her eager nature of wanting a Stargirl crossover with both Grant Gustin and Supergirl’s Melissa Benoist.

“There have been talks of Stargirl getting to go to an episode of Flash, and having a bigger storyline, but it didn’t happen for the season. But I think that it would be the coolest thing. So much of my family has watched Flash for years.”


In addition to the thought of these iconic characters getting to play in the same sandbox of The CW, the news of a season two comes as no surprise because of the ratings Stargirl always achieves.

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

The hit series is always over the benchmark of 1 million viewers per week. Stargirl airs to The CW viewers at the prime spot on Tuesdays at 8 pm, whereas DC Universe drops the episodes on their streaming service the day before (Monday). 

However the discrepancy in ratings is definitely present. The census certainly feels that the network is struggling with the content and direction of the app. DC universe has been treading the waters of television for a while now. It’s also not a good sign to see that most of your original based series have been diluted to other networks of release.

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

For example, Doom Patrol, even though it’s in its sophomore season, is now mostly being advertised as a pillar of HBO Max. Swamp Thing was another show that was once dead on the network but now found vitality in the form of The CW.

The mainstream network of The CW has announced that Swamp Thing is only going to air the first season. Of course, if the ratings do garner reputation, then a second season could be on the horizon. 

Brec Bassinger as Stargirl. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

In addition to the other shows DC Universe’s “Harley Quinn,” the bloody rom-com natured adult enforced series, has signaled they will drop their show on the infant network, HBO Max. 

It just keeps painting the sad picture that the end could be imminent for the DC Universe streaming service. As of today the only original series that the DC universe still has a tight grip on is “Titans.” Of course the transition of Stargirl is a double-edged sword because when shows are on The CW the production quality suffers a lower budget from the movie esque cinematography the DC Universe often provides.

Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Entertainment

One thing is certain, Stargirl is a show full of heart, excellent writing and brilliant corporate direction. Welcome to The CW, and those on DC Universe, be ready for the day when the network is either disbanded or slowly merged into HBO Max. HBO Max has offered a bundle promotion of both networks.

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