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Minneapolis businesses donate warm winter clothing to Hennepin Healthcare

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MINNEAPOLIS — For the past month, Minneapolis partner businesses and individuals came together to gather new, warm clothes for Hennepin Healthcare patients through the Meet Minneapolis Warm Winter Clothing Drive. On Wednesday, January 4, at the Hennepin Healthcare Clinic and Specialty Center, more than 370 items were donated for distribution to patients in need.

“Minneapolis neighbors stick together. And when we learned that Hennepin Healthcare had a great need to help patients and families with something as vital as warm clothing, we quickly launched a clothing drive,” said Melvin Tennant, Meet Minneapolis President and CEO. “We reached out to get a sense of what some specific clothing items were needed, and then the Meet Minneapolis Warm Winter Clothing Drive went full speed ahead to help. We can’t thank our partners enough for pitching in to make sure our friends and neighbors – especially those in communities who struggle with financial or housing insecurity – have access to warm clothing.”

From Dec. 5-30, Meet Minneapolis collected new, warm clothes to be donated to Hennepin Healthcare. Many Hennepin Healthcare patients have financial challenges. Some patients have damaged clothing after an accident or clothing has been removed to access wounds. Others may not have adequate clothing for the cold weather. Meet Minneapolis staff, board members and partner businesses contributed to the warm clothing drive, donating new coats, boots, pants, tops, mittens, scarves, socks and more.

“Our unique position as Minnesota’s largest level one trauma center means that many patients have pants, tops or clothing ripped or soiled when they arrive,” explained Jennifer DeCubellis. Hennepin Healthcare CEO. “After they have been treated, many patients are in need of clothing so they can be discharged with dignity. Thank you, Meet Minneapolis, for seeing the need and making a difference. We are proud of our Doing Good for Hennepin Healthcare program and encourage other businesses and groups to learn more.”

“Hennepin Healthcare Foundation has the honor of connecting the generosity of the community to the mission of Hennepin Healthcare,” added Theresa Pesch, President and VP of Philanthropy at Hennepin Healthcare Foundation. “Caring for all who walk through our door takes resources and an exceptional team. We are so thankful to Meet Minneapolis for supporting the patients in need of clothing to be discharged with dignity or those in need of extra layers during our winter here in Minneapolis.”

“Everyone has an opinion about our great city, but one thing we know to be true is that Minneapolis consistently has tremendous levels of civic engagement,” said Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman, a Meet Minneapolis Board Member. “That includes volunteering and giving back to our community, and a perfect example of that is this impactful clothing drive.”

“I’m especially grateful for all of those in the hospitality industry that contributed to this important effort to share warm clothing with patients in need at Hennepin Healthcare,” stated Lester Bagley, Meet Minneapolis Board Chair and Minnesota Vikings Executive Vice President. “On behalf of the entire Meet Minneapolis team, thank you to all who donated to help support our community.”

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