Top Transportation Tips Your Passengers Have To Follow

Top transportation tips your passengers have to follow

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You could be a superintendent or bus driver supervisor. Regardless, you should prioritize the safety of your passengers.

A protocol is important for safety and controlled emergency action. Teaching your passengers practical transportation tips they must follow can save lives. So what are some of these crucial tips you must structure during your fleets rides? Read on below to find out more.

Keep it clean

You’ll want to implement bus safety tips in winter, but some are universal. Regardless of the season, you’ll want to keep your bus as clean as possible. This may not seem like a safety tip at first glance. However, if an accident happens, whether someone is incapacitated or a fire starts, having debris in the way is a serious safety hazard. Customers could accidentally slip and fall or kick over debris during a hasty retreat out of the bus. The debris could block an exit or aisle, depending on how cluttered the bus is. These things matter, so you must clean the bus daily.

Have proper seating procedures

Make the passengers understand that they must stay in their seats once the bus is ready to go. If there are seat belts, they should immediately put them on. They shouldn’t get up during the bus ride but stay seated. All hands and heads should stay within the bus. This is crucial since children tend to hang both outside the window. If you notice a passenger sticking a limb out of a window for any reason, immediately remind them of the rules. This is a key transportation tip that your passengers have to follow. 

Ensure equipment for people with disabilities works

Some equipment on your bus should be there to specifically help people with disabilities. Beyond making your bus accessible for everyone, it’ll also help keep them safe. Ensure the straps for wheelchair sections at the front of the bus are working appropriately. Also, tug at them and make sure they aren’t frayed. Make sure that the seats in the front are easy to lock in place in case someone with a disability wants to sit there. Make sure your ramp for people with wheelchairs is working appropriately. Place some weight on the ramp to ensure it holds up. It’s your responsibility to keep your passengers safe. We hope these tips have given you the tools to do just that. 

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