5 Reasons You Should Camp in a National Park

5 reasons you should camp in a national park

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Across the US, National Parks hold some of the most beautiful natural landscapes.

Many people have visited these places and partook in activities such as camping. There are numerous reasons to take time out of your life to camp in national parks and enjoy the surrounding environment.

Fantastic scenery

National parks have many sights with green grass, trees, or streams. Many national parks will have higher points where you may hike to get a better view of the area below and take a moment to admire the natural beauty. National parks are all different in their environmental features, with some having dunes and others having a mixture of canyons and dry brush, so you’ll most likely find a camping spot you’ll love.


Camping in a national park is for anyone who’s able and willing, as affordability is a primary aspect of these locations. The rates for staying overnight vary, with some being as low as $5 and others as high as $30.

Regardless of the cost, most people with affordable camping gear will likely find at least one national park to camp in for a few nights. The affordable prices and accessibility are both great reasons to camp in a national park instead of just stopping by; after all, it’s better to have an extended stay than a brief stay.

Great opportunities for outdoor activities

Given the wide expanse of most national parks, there are numerous activities that you can do besides camping. Hiking trails are common, and you will have multiple chances to explore and get some good exercise.

There are also numerous national parks that are great places for van living, such as the Grand Canyon or the White Sands National Park. That means you will have an easier time getting to locations where you can hike, boat, or have a picnic.

Nice memories for the people involved

The time you spend camping at a national park will leave you with many great memories. National parks are great places to experience, so make sure you take plenty of photos or take moments to just sit and relax as you enjoy the view.

Revitalization for mental health

Spending time outside is important for maintaining your mental health, and you will feel your spirits rise when you’re surrounded by nature. The tranquility of national parks is a notable perk many people enjoy about these locations. Walking through the forest or fishing near a stream will help you find peace of mind as you breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors.

National parks are wonderful places to camp for you and anyone else. You have many potential parks to visit and camp, so load up your gear and prepare for a great outdoor experience.

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