Importance of Effective Communication Within an Organization

Importance of effective communication within an organization

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You have likely had a moment in your life where you had a pleasing interaction with someone — it could have been a neighbor, friend, or coworker. After the interaction, you probably felt more comfortable and trusting of that person. Such an interaction and resulting feelings would not have been possible without the ability to communicate — it is an invaluable skill.

Communication is as vital in the workplace as it is any other environment where people must work together to achieve a goal. Keep reading to discover the importance of effective communication within an organization.

Builds commitment and loyalty

Understanding the importance of effective communication within an organization is quite simple when you realize that it creates valuable and lasting connections. Communication helps employees feel emotionally connected to their coworkers and to the organization as a whole. When this occurs, employees are likelier to stay and develop a sense of loyalty to the company.

Improves employee engagement

Encouraging effective communication in one’s organization is one of the top ways to improve employee engagement. Sometimes, something as simple as a supervisor’s tone of voice or word choice may be the one thing that makes an employee feel uncomfortable and unable to reach out. We should try our best to understand that our language needs to adjust to every situation within the workplace. In addition to training opportunities and team-building activities, communication is paramount to creating an efficient and progressive organization that promotes employee engagement.

Lessen misunderstandings

Every person on this planet has a different way of communicating. The thing about this skill is that it involves a lot more than our spoken words, which can easily lead to a lot of misunderstandings. The promotion of effective exchange is vital within an organization, as this will greatly lessen misunderstandings.

With effective communication, employees should feel comfortable providing feedback and seeking input, to build a sense of trust and reinforce the knowledge that their supervisors consider their thoughts.

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