4 Easy Ways To Increase Office Comradery

4 easy ways to increase office comradery

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Office settings can get tense, especially if current team members have difficulty working together. When it starts to feel like work situations are getting out of hand, it might be time to take a closer look at the work atmosphere and see how you can improve it.

Check out these four easy ways to increase office comradery so you and your team can work in a more productive environment.

Team build together

Nothing increases office comradery like a few team-building exercises. These exercises force your team to work together in the best way possible. You don’t want these exercises to feel like a chore or a forced event, so try and find some activities that are actually enjoyable.

Implement team building for one hour once a week. You can schedule it for the end of the week so everyone has a chance to wind down after a full week of work-related events. Ask some team members to volunteer and host a session once in a while. Throw out suggestions and see what games and activities take everyone’s interest.

Problem solve together

When problems arise on the job, don’t try to solve everything by yourself. Members of your team might have fresh ideas and solutions for some of the issues you’re dealing with. Schedule brainstorming sessions and see how well you all work together.

Depending on the size of your company and team, these meetings can get hectic. For better results, organize break-out groups of four or five. Smaller groups allow everyone to voice their opinions and be heard effectively. At the end of the break-out sessions, come back together and encourage everyone to share the main idea they landed on.

Promote wins together

Each one of your team members plays an intricate role in your business. When a member of your team gets a promotion, a win, or praise in anything, announce it. Encourage the rest of your team to send them a congratulatory message so everyone gets a chance to feel appreciated and seen on the job.

During performance appraisals, include any comments or compliments certain members of the team have received. Informing them of the praise encourages them to reach out and form stronger bonds with their coworkers.

Do happy hour together

All work and no play make the office dull. The professional side is important, but taking some time to unwind is just as essential. Schedule a monthly happy hour for you and your team so everyone can relax in a non-work-related setting.

A cool beverage and good music always bring people together. It’s important to remember your team members are people, and giving them a chance to let go and be themselves encourages closeness and harmony.

Your business needs office comradery to succeed. Including just one or two of these practices in your work setting will increase and improve productivity.

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