5 of the Most Common Lock Picking Tools

5 of the most common lock picking tools

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There is a thread of commonality between most lockpick sets, as you must have a standard set of tools to pick a lock successfully.

Those common denominators must exist in every pick set. Today, we will cover the five most common lock picking tools to clarify what you should expect when you purchase your first set.

Half diamond/triangle pick

The half diamond is one of the most controversial pick types because it serves a very particular purpose. Because of its design, this pick can get behind all the pins in a lock at once. This can be beneficial in certain circumstances where there are more mechanisms inside the lock that need to be picked.

Hook pick

The hook pick is also a specialty item that allows the locksmith to work on one specific pin at a time. Although pins aren’t the only thing to worry about when picking locks, many older locks have pins, making this tool a necessity in any lockpick set.

Rake pick

This pick is the most fun according to users who lockpick regularly, although it is a wild card. The rake pick does exactly as its title suggests—it rakes across the pins. This method is a real gamble when lock picking because you can unlock several pins at once or all of them. It all depends on the techniques you use. If you use this tool deftly, you could get into a lock quickly.

Tension wrench

One mechanism exists in most locks and covers the pins, making it impossible to get into the lock without support. This is why you’ll almost always need a tension wrench. This tool allows the user to open the mechanism and uncover the pins. You can often pick older locks once you figure out the pins.

Pick case

The most important piece of equipment you will need is the one that holds your tools. The likelihood of misplacing and ultimately losing your picks is high, so you will need a pick case to secure your devices. Make sure you have one of these if you’re serious about lock picking. Otherwise, you might spend more money on picks than you ever intended in the first place.

This has been an abbreviated list of five of the most common tools you will need if you’re interested in lock picking or locksmithing. You never know when you might need a set to get out of a bind.

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