The Most Valuable Safety Items for Riding an E-Bike

The most valuable safety items for riding an e-bike

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Riding an electric bicycle is a fun way to get around town while reducing your carbon footprint and commuting with ease.

Before you ride your e-bike, there are several valuable safety items you should consider investing in. Things like a helmet and sneakers are typical, but let’s look at a few other things that can help complete the checklist.

Joint pads

It’s not every day you will see a cyclist decked out in elbow and knee pads, but they are beneficial to those who experience excessive falling. Electric bikes tend to move at a much faster rate than traditional bikes, meaning a wipeout while riding an e-bike can injure or damage the joints. Generally, it’s safest to always protect your joints, or at least until you’re comfortable and confident on the bike.

Reflective clothing and markers

You might not intend to travel in low lighting, but acquiring reflective clothing and attaching bike markers can help increase your visibility to those you share the road with. Additionally, depending on where you live, you may experience inclement weather at a moment’s notice. Riding your electric bike in the rain is safe, but only if you make yourself visible to others and follow basic safety procedures.

Helmet and protective eyewear

Wearing a helmet while riding an e-bike is a standard and ethical practice. The chances of suffering a head injury are relatively high when you’re on a bike of any kind, so it’s crucial to invest in a properly fitted helmet.

Another item to consider is protective eyewear. This can keep the oncoming wind from impairing your vision and reduce the risk of sun glares, damage from flying debris, or oncoming traffic lights blurring your vision.

Bike lights

Similar to reflective gear, attaching lights to your electric bike can increase safety measures should you experience poor lighting or inclement weather. It’s hard to predict when one or both of those situations may occur, but you can help mitigate them by securing adequate lighting to your e-bike.

If riding your electric bike in poor lighting conditions becomes a recurring event, you could consider attaching a headlamp to your helmet to improve road visibility and help other motorists find you.

Accidents can and do happen to cyclists, regardless of the type of bike they ride. Investing in these highly valuable safety items before you ride your e-bike can not only save your life but help optimize your experiences.

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