Safety Gear Every Auto Mechanic Should Wear

Safety gear every auto mechanic should wear

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Whether you’re a professional auto mechanic or a DIY hobbyist who likes to tinker with vehicles, it’s imperative to stay safe while working with heavy machinery like cars.

Before you get to work, ensure you’ve got the proper safety gear that every auto mechanic should wear.

Safety glasses

When working on vehicles, you’ll have to get up close to see the finer details of the machinery. Getting so close to machinery can put your eyes in danger, which is why safety glasses are a piece of gear every auto mechanic must wear while working.

They may feel strange at first, but after a while, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them—there will come a time when they save your sensitive eyes from damage.

Pro Tip: Ensure your safety glasses are OSHA-certified so you know they’re a quality model capable of protection.

Hearing protection

Anyone who’s ever been in an auto shop knows that it can sometimes be obscenely loud. Between the engines, power tools, and other machinery, the decibels can reach harmful levels to anyone’s ears.

Hearing loss is a common problem for mechanics, but a set of capable earmuffs can prevent damage to a mechanic’s ears. Many earmuffs even come with noise-canceling technology to tune out even more noise. At the very least, invest in some earplugs rather than exposing your eardrums to intense decibel levels all day.

Work gloves

Working on cars requires getting your hands dirty and sometimes putting your hands in dangerous predicaments. Keep your hands clean and protected with a set of heavy-duty work gloves.

Work gloves are much more comfortable and breathable than they used to be without sacrificing protection or dexterity. Some gloves even include vibration reduction technology to keep your hands from smarting after using power tools and heavy machinery.

Steel toe boots

No matter how careful you are, you’re going to drop something at some point, and it could land on your foot. When working on cars, dropping a heavy metal tool on your foot can cause severe damage and pain—so steel toe boots are essential.

There are many things to consider before buying steel toe boots, but as long as they’re comfortable and protect your feet, they’ll get the job done.

Before starting work as a mechanic or tinkering with your vehicle, make sure you’ve got these items and garments to stay safe while working.

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