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US Supreme Court strikes down abortion rights

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The US Supreme Court released its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on Friday, voting to overturn Roe v. Wade — the 1973 ruling that guaranteed federal constitutional protections of abortion rights.

This most recent case centered on a Mississippi law banning abortion if the “probable gestational age of the unborn human” is more than 15 weeks.

For nearly 50 years, we have talked about what Roe v. Wade protects,” Vice President Kamala Harris said. “Today, as of right now, as of this minute, we can only talk about what Roe v. Wade protected.  Past tense.”

In the wake of the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn 1973’s landmark abortion decision Roe v. Wade, people have taken to the streets in protest across the US.

“This is a healthcare crisis,” Vice President Harris continued. “Understand, Millions of women in America will go to bed tonight without access to the healthcare and reproductive care that they had this morning; without access to the same healthcare or reproductive healthcare that their mothers and grandmothers had for 50 years.”

Multiple abortion clinics that provided abortions closed down in the immediate aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling that will end federal protections on abortion.

As the Supreme Court on Friday declared the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion, Justice Clarence Thomas suggested the court should also reconsider past rulings establishing rights to contraception, same-sex relationships and gay marriage, as well.

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