Maintenance Tips To Help Your Office Shredder Last Longer

Maintenance tips to help your office shredder last longer

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Your paper shredder is just like any other piece of office equipment. These machines require maintenance to stay in proper working order.

Learn some of the best maintenance tips to help your office shredder last longer so that you can get more use out of this equipment.

Empty the bin

Shredder jams may seem inevitable, but there are steps you can take to prevent them. Keep your shredder running smoothly by regularly emptying the bin. It’s important to toss or recycle your paper scraps before they build up and exceed your shredder’s bin capacity. If your shredder starts to overflow with paper scraps, it runs the risk of overheating or not working at all the next time you need to shred some documents. Stay on top of emptying your bin; simply adding this task to your office’s weekly chores or to-do list is an effective way to remember.

Clean the shredder blades

A paper shredder is just like any other piece of office equipment, which means you need to clean it regularly. Inspect your paper shredder and address it when the blades start to look old or dirty. When cleaning your paper shredder, always power it off and unplug it first to avoid injuries. Take care to remove the leftover bits of paper using small tools or a can of compressed air. You can also use compressed air to clean out the dust or other debris stuck to the blades.

Use the reverse setting

If your paper shredder has a reverse function, try to use this setting occasionally to keep it in good, working condition. Reversing your shredder will help preserve this function and prevent paper jams in the future. The reverse function can help remove paper shreds that might clog your shredder’s blades. Clogs like these could stop your shredder from working properly for your future shreds, so practice using the reverse function.

Keep the shredder lubricated

Oiling your shredder blades is an effective way to keep it running for extended periods. Shredder oil is a vital accessory for any office shredder. You should try to oil your shredder blades regularly, such as when you empty the bin or after large-scale shredding projects. Make sure to use an official shredder oil over cheaper alternatives. Low-quality oils can gum up your shredder blades rather than clean and lubricate them.

These tips can help you prevent paper jams and shredder-related issues. When you encounter a major problem, though, you shouldn’t try to fix a commercial shredder yourself. You’ll need a professional’s help to avoid injuries or further damage. This is why you should consistently monitor your office shredder’s condition and practice these maintenance tips to help your office shredder last longer.

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