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Minneapolis prepares for neighborhood election day

Minneapolis residents are asked to picture the community they want to live in and then "help make that vision a reality" on May 14.

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Most of Minneapolis’ 70 neighborhood organizations are holding board member elections or other activities for their neighbors May 14.

Typically fewer than 1% of eligible people vote for neighborhood organization boards, but neighborhood boards are important local forces for change. They make investments and decisions about the community. Voting in board elections can help make sure the board members making these decisions and setting priorities for neighborhood organization activities represent voters on the most local level.

Neighbors are invited to come find out how they can help make their neighborhood better — including neighbors who haven’t been involved before. This will help neighborhood organizations better represent their neighborhoods for more equitable, accessible services.

Anyone in Minneapolis can look up their neighborhood organization to see if their neighborhood is participating this year.

People who don’t know which neighborhood they live in can look it up by address.

More information about neighborhood election day is on the City website.

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