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Northeast, Mid-Atlantic prepares for potential snow bombardment

A potential winter storm in the US could bring "significant snowfall" to parts of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic this weekend.

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A major winter storm could hit parts of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this weekend and forecasters say it could bring “serious snowfall, strong to damaging winds, blizzard conditions and coastal flooding.”

The Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions of the US are preparing for a powerful winter storm that’s expected to produce blizzard conditions. Heavy snow and strong winds are forecast to begin in parts of the Carolinas and Appalachia on Friday evening.

The exact path and intensity of the storm are still uncertain at this time but it is being closely monitored, The Weather Channel reports.

In the hardest hit areas of eastern New England, upward of two feet of snow is possible, and dozens of flights have already been canceled days in advance.

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