Always Hold On To Superman & Lois — 2×02 The Ties That Bind

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Zach and Sarah discuss the seventeenth episode of “Superman & Lois,” “The Ties That Bind.” We talk all most of our predictions from last week coming true, “Smallville” references, Zach and Sarah’s past in journalism and more!

So journey with us back to Smallville for these new adventures of Lois & Clark and Always Hold On To Superman & Lois!

This podcast contains SPOILERS. You’ve been warned!

Zach: LIKED IT, 2/2
Sarah: HALF LIKED IT, 1½/2 
Sophie Watch: 0/2

Always Hold On To Superman & Lois artwork by Matt Truex:

Zach Moore

Zach Moore hosts Always Hold On To Smallville, a retrospective podcast about the Superman TV series “Smallville." Having worked as a cinematographer, editor and photojournalist in the news, entertainment and medical fields, if there’s a camera or microphone involved Zach isn’t far behind. Zach is a veteran podcaster having hosted multiple shows over the years including Fanchise Fatigue and Saswatch on the United Federation of Podcasts, and Standard Orbit on Trek.FM. He is a native Houstonian and proud Texan.

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