How Electromagnetic Interference Can Harm Devices

How electromagnetic interference can harm devices

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is when an electronic device gets a signal interference from a surrounding electromagnetic field.

From billion-dollar military technology to flip phones, devices can stop working from interference without the proper EMI shielding. A combination of natural electromagnetic waves in the air and those that other electronics in your home create can cause this interference. Explore this blog to understand how electromagnetic interference can harm devices you use every day.

Dropped calls

One of the most common problems that EMI causes is the occurrence of dropped cell phone calls. Even if it appears that you have full bars, the electromagnetic field will scramble the signal and create issues. Your voice will sound garbled and unintelligible at best, and the phone may also just drop the call altogether. EMI shielding protects cell phones against interference from the other devices in your home.

Slow loading speeds

Electromagnetic fields can also cause loading speeds to slow down in devices. The electromagnetic interference won’t just slow down the speed of your phone; it can affect anything using Wi-Fi, including your television, laptop, desktop, or other smart devices in your home. However, EMI doesn’t affect landlines or ethernet cables. So, if a device’s EMI shielding becomes damaged, you can try plugging it in.

Bluetooth interference

EMI isn’t just a problem for Wi-Fi, as the electromagnetic waves can interfere with any cordless device, including those that use Bluetooth. Even if a device is offline, it can disrupt a Bluetooth connection causing poor sound and visual quality. Sometimes, it will also cause the Bluetooth function not to work entirely.

Erased data

In worst-case scenarios, electromagnetic interference can erase the data from a cell phone or other device. With so much of our lives saved on our devices, this could be a catastrophic event for some people. This worry is why you must get a professional to look at your phone if you ever suspect that your EMI shielding might have damage.

After checking out how electromagnetic interference can harm devices, you can easily identify when EMI affects your technology.

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