Mistakes Veterinarians Make When Purchasing X-ray Equipment

Mistakes veterinarians make when purchasing x-ray equipment

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An X-ray machine is one of the most important purchases a veterinarian will make in their career. To ensure they internalize the gravity of their situation, veterinarians should understand the pitfalls others experience during this difficult buying process.

To that end, they should read the mistakes veterinarians make when purchasing X-ray equipment and learn from these other examples.

Not evaluating needs

Not every piece of X-ray equipment works well in every office. Before purchasing the equipment, veterinarians should evaluate their needs, as opposed to choosing the “best” option on the market. The most popular may not necessarily make sense for their practice. Hasty decision-making could leave them with a system that cannot keep up.

Buying on price

Veterinarians who want to choose the best veterinary X-ray machine must have a forward-thinking approach to their purchasing decisions. The initial price tag of an X-ray machine may be startling, but it is likely a mistake to search for the cheapest option available. That could leave a veterinarian with a low-quality piece of machinery that breaks down often, leading to expensive repairs. They should think of the full cost of ownership.

Ignoring integration

It is a nightmare when veterinarians set up their new X-ray machines, only to find out the device cannot be fully integrated into their existing systems. This is one of the most frustrating mistakes veterinarians make when purchasing X-ray equipment. A veterinarian holds a tremendous amount of technology in their office, and each piece’s functionality with the machine should be considered prior to the purchasing decision.

Thinking short-term

There are so many factors to consider when purchasing X-ray equipment that a veterinarian cannot afford to think short-term. Not only should they think about how long the machine will last in their office, but they must also consider the service and support provided by the manufacturer. All X-ray machines will need repairs at some point. Veterinarians should think about that eventuality before they purchase the machines.

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