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DC drives Fandome sign-ups with free comic-cover inspired NFTs

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DC has partnered with Palm NFT Studio to officially step into the world of blockchain technology with their first collection of NFTs! 

The DC NFTs, hand-selected by Jim Lee, will be available for FREE starting on October 5 to all new, and existing, registered members of DC FanDome. A second free DC NFT will be available to all fans who share their first on social media.

I can confirm from experience that I now own two NFT’s from the process. To receive your own visit and register for free! 

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Fans of the Princess of Themyscira (Wonder Woman) can collect NFT covers designated as “common” (1987’s Wonder Woman No. 1 by George Peréz), “rare” (2021’s Nubia and the Amazons No. 1 by Alitha Martinez), and/or “legendary” (Yara Flor on 2021’s Future State: Wonder Woman No. 1 by Jenny Frison) cover. The digital collectibles take the form of data storage devices—some are vintage, others are futuristic. 

Each of these storage devices features comic art of Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, or Harley Quinn. What secrets do they contain? The only way to find out is to claim one. As of now, fans will have the opportunity to claim one of fifteen different collectibles, spanning 50 years of iconic comic book cover art. 

As of now, Bleeding Cool Comics has identified the following varieties so far: 

  • Jace Fox Batman
  • Batman & The Court Of Owls
  • Jessica Cruz Green Lantern
  • Diana of Themyscira Wonder Woman
  • Val-Zod Superman
  • John Stewart Green Lantern
  • Harley Quinn
  • Nubia Wonder Woman
  • Yara Flor Wonder Woman
  • Kal-El Superman
  • Harley Quinn Vs Zombies

For those who don’t know, NFTs allow you to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and keep track of who owns them using the blockchain. The term NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” and it can technically contain anything digital, including drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games. An NFT can either be one-of-a-kind, like a real-life painting, or one copy of many, like trading cards, but the blockchain keeps track of who has ownership of the file.

“We spent a lot of time on how to translate and adapt these classic covers into a 21st-century format such as NFTs,” said Jim Lee, DC’s publisher and chief creative officer. “This drop pays homage to our 87-year history while visualizing a future in which NFTs play a foundational role in novel ways of interacting with DC content and unlocking new experiences.” 

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DC and Palm are playing coy about how many comic-book cover NFTs they plan to produce going forward. 

According to Palm NFT Studio chief content officer Matt Mason, the rarity levels “will make the less-common NFTs more valuable, and the entire collection will grow in importance to fans as it becomes clearer that this drop represents the start of an entirely new chapter for DC Comics, and the use of blockchain as a medium for fan engagement and storytelling.”

DC Fandome hits off this weekend (October 16) with a confirmed official trailer for the upcoming Matt Reeves re-telling of the Dark Knight “The Batman,” led by Robert Pattinson (Bruce Wayne/Batman) and Zoe Kravitz (Selina Kyle/Catwoman). A first official trailer for James Gunn’s “The Suicide Squad” spin-off, “Peacemaker,” is also slated for early release in January 2022. I’m sure there are tons of other surprises in store for this massive online event. 

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