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‘Superman and Lois’ shows the perks of not being a wallflower in latest episode

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Superman and Lois soared higher in their recent episode “The perks of not being a wallflower.” The episode focuses on the Kent boys and how they are going to cope with moving from Metropolis.

Spoilers ahead

This episode starts with a very wholesome moment where Clark (Tyler Hoechlin), Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) and the boys get into a paint fight, which is soon interrupted by an emergency calling for Superman’s assistance in China. This just goes to show that the whole world truly relies on the Man of Steel, something other CW shows don’t often iterate. After Superman’s heroic rescue, the family sits together for breakfast and the boys ask a few questions about Clark’s powers.

The episode also shows Clark continue to struggle with being a better father as he invasively listens in on his sons with his super hearing. As he listened, Clark concluded that Jordan’s powers were about to spike again and stops his sudden burst. However, the boys feel their privacy was violated and aren’t afraid to point out their discontent to their father.

Alex Garfin as Jordan Kent. Photo courtesy of The CW

Acting out of concern, Clark seeks Lois’ advise. In doing so, the audience hears of a tale where Clark listened in on Lois without her permission. A fun nod to comics and Superman lore from past interpretations. Lois suggest that Clark makes the same promise he had made to her, which was to not listen in unless called, to the boys. To me, these small mistakes with his powers are what make this version of the character more human and it’s amazing. 

This episode focuses more on the Kent boys Jonathan (Jordan Elsas) and Jordan (Alexander Garfin), as they acclimate to small town life. This show manages to balance all the character arcs perfectly and does not leave you bored.

We don’t have Captain Luthor this episode, but we are introduced to the hurdles Lois faces during her investigation into Morgan Edge. When she gets information from a woman, Sharon Powell (Jill Teed), whose son had gone missing while working under Edge, Lois realises she’s on to something. Meanwhile, Lois’s new editor, Crissy Beppo (Leslie Larr) flails, somewhat, under pressure and dismisses the estranged woman’s claims against Edge.

Soon after, Lois’s car gets bombed. As Lois continues diving deeper into her investigation and goes to question Sharon, she is attacked by a mysterious person now known as Subjekt-11 (Daniel Cudmore). After a struggle Lois calls on Superman to help her. Her arc by far is the most interesting as she starts to unravel a mystery and we also get a heartfelt mother-daughter moment from Sarah and Lana, where they discuss figuring out what kind of life they both want.After this ending fans of the show are left with a lot of questions.

As the name of the episode hints, the focus is mainly on the next generation of Super’s and Cushing’s. We see Jordan change after he finds out he has powers, and then struggle with the thought of losing them. His character was basically a wallflower, an person who is mostly introverted, similar to his new found friend, Sarah Cushing (Inde Navarette).

Jordan Elsas as Jon Kent and Alex Garfin as Jordan. Photo courtesy of The CW

In the episode Jordan breaks free from his past shackles and joins the school’s football team where he surprises everyone with his strength. At first this concerns Jon as Jorden blatantly lies to their father. Later, when Clark finds out that Jordan was playing football using his powers, he scolds his son and explains to Jordan that playing could be dangerous but Jon vouches for his twin. To say Jonathan is a good brother is an understatement and that is a credit to the writing and acting. 

We also see more of Sarah and Lana Lang (Emmanuelle Chriqui), as fans finally get to know their past before the arrival of the Kents and how their lives ended up. We learn that Sarah has felt trapped and alone and watch as her strained relationship with Lana changes. In an inspiring exchange, Lana and Sarah bond over their differences and similarities.

The episode ends with Clark becoming the assistant coach for the Smallville High football team so he could keep a closer eye on his boys while simultaneously spending more time with them. The show yet again manages to give us a great Superman story.

Because of the exquisite shots, talented acting and beauty throughout, “Perks of Not Being a Wallflower” receives 4.5 out of 5 Daily Planet globes.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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