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Andrew Yang joins the race for New York City Mayor

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After weeks of debating his candidacy, Former 2020 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang enters the New York City Mayoral Race.

Andrew Yang, a former contender in the 2020 presidential race, has officially announced his campaign to become the next New York City Mayor.

Mr. Yang will be joining an already crowded Democratic primary that will help determine who will lead a coronavirus filled New York that has also taken a devastating economic hit.

The 46-year-old tech entrepreneur made a video and posted it to Twitter Wednesday night saying that his vision of New York in its current state “breaks my heart.”

“I moved to New York City 25 years ago. I came of age, fell in love, and became a father here. Seeing our City in so much pain breaks my heart. Let’s fight for a future New York City that we can be proud of – together.”

Andrew Yang

Many have filed paperwork for shot at being the mayor of New York, some with backgrounds in the technology and finance industry.

Mr. Yang has never held elected office before his 2020 presidential campaign. During the 2020 election, Mr. Yang gained notoriety for his proposed Universal Basic Income, which would send $1,000 a month to all Americans over the age of 18.

Mr. Yang dropped out of the presidential race after the New Hampshire primary in February and shortly after endorsed now President-elect Joe Biden.

According to Spectrum News, Yang is prosing his infamous $1,000 a month plan specifically for New Yorkers.

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