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Fans campaign for the Ayer Cut of ‘Suicide Squad’

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A fan campaign to release the director’s cut of “Suicide Squad” is gaining major momentum, with a big trending event for the #ReleaseTheAyerCut hashtag planned for Jan. 16, 2021 on Twitter. The movement has been ramping up since the momentous height of the Release the Snyder Cut campaign back on Nov. 17, 2019 for the two-year anniversary of the theatrical release of the film. 

The Snyder Cut campaign proved to be a rousing success, culminating in the announcement on May 20, 2020 that the director’s cut of Justice League will be officially coming out, and it will arrive on the HBO Max streaming platform in March 2021. 

When asked about what the Ayer Cut or director’s vision from David Ayer truly means to fans, I received this response from the account behind the movement (@CutAyer) on Twitter: “It means a lot, I enjoyed the theatrical cut for what it is but knew it was missing a lot of the original tone and many Joker scenes, in particular, Leto played the most comic accurate Joker to date in my opinion so it would be awesome to finally see his true performance.” 

Reportedly, Ayer was locked out of the editing booth and the trailer, and the company subsequently recut the movie. The Ayer Cut possesses an original music score rather than song soundtrack and there’s more backstory with Jared Leto’s Joker. Fans are curious to see it because one of the biggest issues for many was the blockbusters pacing.

David Ayer, the director of the “Suicide Squad” film, has stated that the cut is real and in existence and noted that he recently watched his version of the film after it was abandoned, and expressed confidence in its quality in a tweet: “It’s fire. It’s the tone of the ComicCon trailer 100 percent.” 

“David was forced to play along with the studio and therefore had to make out the film we saw as his own,” those behind the movement stated. “We just need to keep informing people about what really went down with ‘Suicide Squad.’” 

The fan campaign will continue their strong stand in the pursuit of the film, led by the Twitter accounts @RTAyerCutSS and @CutAyer.

The account @CutAyer reported: “For this trending event @Itssan17 @LadislavMalec & myself set it up but since then we have had a ton of supporters submit posters and help out to hopefully get the event trending on January 16. The movement would also like to mention @MelSiggy & @ColdBloodedJoke & @NERDXCORE1 aka Hero Bishop — they have been awesome supporters of the event since the beginning. So, stay tuned for Jan 16th, 2021, and use the hashtag #ReleaseTheAyerCut!”

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