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Fans unite to get Zack Snyder’s cut of “Justice League” released.

An online movement calling for director Zack Snyder’s version of “Justice League,” the DC Extended Universe film released in 2017, has recently been gaining major momentum on social media.

A graphic depicting Zack Snyder’s plan for the DCEU. Photo courtesy Zack Snyder

Release the Snyder Cut originated in late 2017 and early 2018, immediately following “Justice League’s” premier in theaters. During the films shooting, Warner Bros. hired Marvel Cinematic Universe alum, Joss Whedon onto the film in order to help sway it into the studio’s ideal creative direction. Soon after Whedon’s hiring, Snyder took a leave of absence from the film due to a family tragedy, leaving its direction in Whedon’s hands.

Whedon directed two months’ worth of reshoots for the film and creatively remade the picture according to Warner Bros. liking. The result was controversial ratings among fans. Many liked the movie, and many hated it. Some of this discourse was rooted around Henry Cavil’s mustache debacle, and some disappointment was also shrouded by the updated writing and storyline for the movie.

Blame for this critical flop was placed on Warner Bros. request for a shorter film and comedic tone. Now, two years after the initial release, fans and actors alike are calling for Warner Bros. to release the director’s cut.

Is there actually a Snyder Cut?

Jason Momoa (Aquaman) has been an active advocate for the directors cut of the film, taking to his social channels confirming the movies existence.

Despite this confirmation, continued speculation of the films actual existence has been hovering around the online movement since it began. Given how the director, and select members the actual Justice League, have been insisting for the release of the film ensures its an actuality.

On Sunday, Nov. 17, “Justice League” actors Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) all used the official hashtag calling for the revised movies release.

Director Zack Snyder happily quote-tweeted Gadot and Affleck.

This high ranking attention could prove to be fruitful as hopes for the revised version of the film are guaranteed to catch the attention of Warner Bros. officials, but only time will tell.

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The following article was featured as a narration in the movie “Justice League” (2017).

Shedding light on the darkness

By Lois Lane

Illustration by Anthony Piccolo

This is what we know. The world has grown darker and while we have reason to fear, we have the strength not to. There are heroes among us to remind us that only from the darkness can we truly feel the light.

Darkness, the truest darkness, is not the absence of light, it’s the conviction that the light will never return.

But the light always returns to us through things familiar. Home, family and the things entirely new or long overlooked. It shows us new possibilities and challenges us to pursue them. This time the light shone on the heroes, coming out of the shadows to tell us we won’t be alone again.

Our darkness was deep and seemed to swallow all hope, but these heroes were here the whole time to remind us that hope is real. That you can see it. All you have to do is look up in the sky.

The previous article was featured as a narration in the movie “Justice League” (2017).

Featured photo courtesy of Zack Snyder/Vero

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