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HBO Max added a collections of cartoon network classics to their streaming services and fans are displaying excitement.Some of the classics joining the HBO Max ranks include “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door and Edd, Ed and Eddy.

Cartoon Network made the announcement to their social media pages Friday that the “Cartoon Network throwback gang” is on HBO Max.

Courtesy of the Cartoon Network Twitter Page

The Cartoon Network fandom is clear and active on social media with one twitter user, @PEBPhotography, pointing out their excitement for Billy and Mandy saying that was “their show”

The Cartoon Network section of HBO Max is not the only place growing. More DC Comics content has also been added to it’s line up as well.

Joining its fellow DC Comics Content on the television show side is the critically acclaimed “Batman: The Animated Series,” a show that launched the legendary DC animated universe in 1994 and blessed us with popular spin-off shows.

HBO announced the series arrival to HBO Max on Friday through their instagram page.

Speaking of spin-offs, “Batman Beyond” has also joined the HBO Max ranks. DC Fans who can’t get enough of Kevin Conroy’s Batman voice can now enjoy quadruple the amount.

“Batman Beyond,” set in the futuristic Gotham City, focuses on the Batman of Tomorrow, Terry McGinnis, take on crime in Gotham with the help of an elderly Bruce Wayne.

Not only did Batman Beyond arrive but Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, and Mystery of the Batwoman are also available for the DC Community to enjoy on HBO max.

In 2021, other DC series and movies like Green Lantern: The animated Series, Justice League Dark: Apoklips War and Batman Bad Blood have also become available to HBO Max users.

The full list can be viewed on WarnerMedia’s Website.

The moves of all the DC Content is not surprising at all considering DC previously announced that the DC Universe streaming service will be transforming into a comics exclusive platform.

Between the ever growing DC Content on HBO Max plus the arrival of more Marvel Content including WandaVision on Disney Plus, 2021 will be a very good year for streaming for both DC and Marvel fans.

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