Saving Superman: A quest for a new movie starring Henry Cavill

The movement for a new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill continues.

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It has been nearly eight years since the last solo Superman movie starring Henry Cavill has premiered and fans are demanding more. Since news broke of Ben Affleck’s temporary departure from playing the Dark Knight, rumors and speculation has swirled around Henry Cavill possibly hanging up his Superman cape.

These rumors have been dismantled but fans are still left waiting for Superman solo sequels. Marvin Brito, a 25-year-old journalism student from Brazil, and Steven Marshall, a 35-year old bank administrator and podcaster from Leeds England, have been particularly unhappy with this outcome. That’s why they started the “we want a new Superman movie” campaign earlier this year.

The Superman campaign had the request for a new film trending (#HenryCavillSuperman) planet wide. Now they’re trying to garnish executive attention once again. The campaign is pushing for further involvement in the movement on Jan. 7, 2021. Get the hashtag #HenryCavillSuperman trending that day starting at 5 p.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). That’s 12 p.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. Adjust accordingly.

A promo video for the #HenryCavillSuperman event on Jan. 7, 2021. Video created by Steven Marshall

“I believe Superman is more important than ever right now, the state of the world, the state of politics, we need Superman more than ever,” Marshall stated. “The time is ripe for Superman. He his the hope that people look for in these times. Henry Cavill is vital to the Superman role too because not only does he understand the character he lives the embodiment of the role every day.”

According to Marshall, fans partaking in the movement are vital because it shows Warner Bros. that there is a large demand for Henry’s return as the character.

“If we let them know that we still want Henry as our Superman they will see the audience is there for it,” Marshall said. “It’s why just as we did in September it’s important that we go again and tweet out #HenryCavillSuperman. We want our Superman back.”

Marshall continued in saying Henry is literally Superman. He’s recognized more so for that character than any other and shows great pride in this representation.

Henry Cavill as Superman in “Man of Steel.” Photo courtesy Warner Bros.

Superman in recent films has fallen prey to heavy criticism due to his seemingly lack luster, broody style. A format typical for a Batman flick. Rumors have swirled stating executives don’t want a wishful Man of Steel, but after the release of “Wonder Woman 1984,” this could be subject to change.

“I watched ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and I was even more indignant because it is a cute, hopeful and tacky film,” Brito stated. “It could very well be a Superman film, so Wonder Woman can be like this and Superman does not work? There is no logic.”

According to Brito, the mission of the campaign is to show that fans want the character to return, and they’re requesting that Henry recurs in the lead role.

“Warner and AT&T had the good will to launch the Snyder Cut because the fans asked,” Brito stated. “I believe that if they realize the demand, they can change and make a film.”

Brito believes there are some “behind the scenes” politics many are unaware of.

Henry Cavill as Superman

“We constantly hear rumours he’s signed a new contract and then we hear rumours he actually hasn’t,” Marshall said. “If he has signed a new deal, whether it is for more solos, a supporting role across multiple DC films or as part of the Black Adam/Shazam [series], I don’t know why they can’t just tell us.”

The campaign organizers and many others are fed up with the gaslighting.

“If [WB] said they had plans, I would ask why they can’t reveal them or at least what Henry’s contract status is,” Marshall stated. “If they said they had no plans right now I would probably really go at them. Telling them what Superman means to us fans and explain to them what they could do with Superman going forward.”

The Daily Planet will be participating in this event

The #HenryCavillSuperman campaign will commence their second day of pushing Jan. 7, 2021. They ask that all Henry Cavill / Superman fans partake and follow the guidelines bellow.

Get the hashtag #HenryCavillSuperman trending starting at 5 p.m. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). That’s 12 p.m. Eastern Time in the U.S. Be respectful and share what you love most about Henry as Superman.

Lois Lane

Lois Lane is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter at the Daily Planet. The daughter of General Sam Lane, she grew up learning hand-to-hand combat and survival techniques. After being hired by Perry White at the Daily Planet, Lois coined the name "Superman" and, because of incisive reporting on the Super Hero's incredible adventures, her career is forever linked to the Man of Steel. She remains one of Superman's strongest allies.

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