Uncovering the Diane Buntrock murder

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Join Uncovering the Truth in Minnesota as they discuss the 1995 murder of Diane Buntrock by her son Michael with their first guest.

Their guest discloses never before heard witness accounts that only her and her family know because Mrs. Buntrock was buried on her grandparents’ sod farm.

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Izabel Johnson

Izabel has always had a passion for reading, writing, and solving mysteries. These passions, along with the support of her family, friends, and coffee, are the driving forces behind Izabel’s work in investigative journalism. When she is not working, she is most likely spending time with friends and family or unwinding with some Netflix or a good book. Izabel is a senior at the University of Minnesota Duluth and will graduate in December 2020 with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in communication.


  1. I was Michael’s roommate for a year and was around him for 4. That’s not the story I got from him. Or the entire prison got. He tells people that he was an abuse victim from Diane. That she would sexually exploit and assault him and because of THIS he kills her. Not because he had a younger girlfriend. And not because the families were going to get a restraining order . he painted a picture to al of us that she deserved it.
    He never mentioned the fact that his gf was under age. (Probably because of where he lives) never mentioned that the parents were getting a restraint order. Or the fact that he sat in his room for hours before the murder thinking about it. There’s allot of holes in his story I’m learning. And he’s eligible for parole in just a couple years.
    But it’s kinda interesting and Def alarming that he is getting out in just a couple years am non one knows why he actually did it.
    Unless If what he said to me is the truth.

  2. Joseph you are a rat punk. Like anything you have got to say amounts to shit. Hey Joe what were you in for, f***ing kids?

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