The CW’s ‘Superman & Lois’ casts Jon & Jordan Kent, pilot plot also leaked

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The highly anticipated ‘Superman and Lois’ series has just announced casting news for Lois and Clark’s kids. Possible plot points revolving the show’s pilot episode have also reportedly been leaked.

The CW awarded the new ‘Superman and Lois’ show, along with the Walker Texas Ranger reboot, staring Supernatural’s Jared Padalecki, directly to series in mid January.

‘Superman and Lois’ stars recurring actors Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane and Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel. Both have been portraying their respective characters for years.

In the leaked plot points we learn that this new series will be unlike any other Superman themed show that has come before it. Lois Lane is still soaring strong at the Daily Planet, but Clark Kent is reportedly laid off due to some cut backs at the paper. (Sorry Clark)

In possibly the most anticipated aspect of the new series, Metropolis’s dynamic duo will also be dutiful parents of two very different children.

At the end of this year’s crossover event, “Crisis on Infinite Earth’s,” we learn that Lois and Clark actually have “boys” in this brave new universe. The apparent plot leak suggests that these “boys” are actually twins, Jonathan (Jon) and Jason Kent, with very different personality types.

If you’re familiar with the Superman mythos, you’ll recognize both names as previous versions of Clark and Lois’s sons. Jon is “Superboy” in the current DC Comics continuity. Both characters will be 13 when the pilot airs.

Jonathan Kent, who is described as an all-star athletic type, will be portrayed by Jordan Elsass. Jordan, who is Jon’s opposite in every way, is described as an avid gamer and all out computer whiz. Jordan will be portrayed by Alexander Garfin.

In an interesting plot twist, we learn that the twins are unaware that their father leads a double life suggesting that Jon and Jordan haven’t experienced any development with their potential Kryptonian powers. There is also a strong possibility that they never will.

Further plot details explain that Clark’s father, Jonathan Kent, had passed away some time before the pilot and his mother, Martha, still resides at the Kent Family Farm in Smallville.

General Sam Lane as he appeared in season one of Supergirl. Here the character was portrayed by Glenn Morshower

We also learn that Lois’s father, General Sam Lane, is in the picture and knows about Clark’s abilities. Most adaptations of Sam Lane has the character at odds with his Daughter due to their very different view points on Kryptonian’s. In other words, he hates them and she doesn’t.

Other characters in the pilot include Clark Kent’s first love, Lana Lang, her husband, Kyle Cushing, and their two daughters, 14-year-old Sarah and eight-year-old Sophie. Major plot details show that Lana has a troubled life where her husband is an avid drinker and Sarah, her oldest, struggles with suicide.

Like all great CW shows, the new “Lois and Superman” series will have an overarching villain only now known as “the stranger.”

Stay tuned for further details on this upcoming series as casting news and other details emerge as the show begins shooting its first season.

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