‘The Flash’ opens strong in this post-crisis earth

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Iris West-Allen shines as the journalistic head of the newly formed Central City Citizen in the latest episode of The Flash as her husband, Barry, races off to solve a mystery shrouded around Oliver Queen. Welcome back to Cat’s Corner

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Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon. Photo courtesy The CW

When the episode opens we are greeted by fan favorite, Cisco Ramon who is trying to wrap his methodical mind around the convergence of the multiverse. Something we all can relate to in this post-crisis Central City.

Cisco explains the sciences behind the convergence and expresses all of the emotions in this episode. We also bear witness to Iris finding herself struggling to fight for a story as Barry joins forces with guest, Jon Diggle in a quest sparked by Oliver Queen.

Now, let’s review “Marathon.”

Candice Patton as Iris West-Allen. Photo courtesy The CW

You have an obligation to your shareholders, but I have an obligation to the truth. You were robbed, Mr. Carver. And I get that that’s embarrassing, but the public deserves to know what happened before anyone else gets hurt. So if you wish to withhold comment, that’s fine.

Iris West-Allen

Iris embraces what it truly means to be a journalist in a world full of meta-humans as she pursues the truth in order to protect the general public, but she does so in a pre-crisis state of mind. As her father, Joe West reminds her, things are different now. Theres no time table. She can slow down.

With her fathers advice, Iris pursues the truth and blows a blackhole through the center of an organized crime syndicate that has reportedly been gripping Central City’s underworld for years.

Though unable to report on the subject publicly just yet, Iris slows down and prepares to protect the city using the Central City Citizen’s honesty and integrity. A truly noble journalistic endeavor in my opinion.

Meanwhile, after the appearance of Jon Diggle, Barry Allen races off to Lian Yu shortly after discovering a clue on a mask he once gave Oliver Queen. In one final mission, Barry and Jon look to unravel a mystery they believed to be left behind by the late Green Arrow.

This final mission turned to to be one of acceptance. The acceptance that his best friend was lost to him forever. And the acceptance that Oliver’s mission was now his own, along with the other heroes of the planet.

David Ramsey as Jon Diggle and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen. Photo courtesy The CW

Life’s a marathon, not a sprint, Barry. Slow down and enjoy it.

Jon Diggle

Elsewhere, Nash Wells is confronted by the emotionally driven Cisco at Central City’s S.T.A.R. Labs who blames him for the deaths of trillions of the multiverses inhabitants.

After later exhausting his feeling’s to Caitlin Snow, Cisco comes to the realization that he actually blames himself and decides to leave on a sabbatical to prepare for the worst in this bright new universe. In his wake, he leaves all of his duties to Nash in an apologetic favor.

As the episode progressed, Iris’s story for the Citizen got her reflecting on the facts. In this possible introduction to the series’ version of the Mirror Master, Iris is suddenly yanked through the looking glass by a pair of simmering arms.

This “Marathon” of an episode was emotionally packed, chock full of adventure and finally centered around the fabulous Iris West-Allen. It was well worth the three week wait since the crossover concluded.

By the way, the new openings for The CW super-shows are fantastic. But don’t believe me, watch The Flash’s for yourself here.

All photo’s are courtesy The CW

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